Weird Words 

Today’s challenge is to use the words ” expecto patronous” and marmaduke in the blog which I thought could be a smidgen of a challenge or down right amusing. At this moment I’m not really sure how it will turn out so bear with me.

Marmaduke is not your usual lap dog but rather a lanky Great Dane. His head seems to big for his body and yet, perhaps, his brain seems to small for his head. He’s not the smartest of dogs as he is afraid of his own shadow. He has dreamt his whole life about chasing after deer and rabbits but is afraid to leave the confines of his space. He has a loving family that shield him from all the scary things in a dog’s life.


Marmaduke’s family have taken him to visit with their friends and there he met Lucky. Ah even his name seems designed to prove that for him life is a breeze. This golden retriever sails through life full of confidence and a happy radiance that says all is good in his world. He lives large on the land and regularly goes “walk about”  which to Marmaduke is the scariest concept in the world. The thought of just going where you wanted because the scent on the air smelt interesting or chasing after a grouse because it flew up in front of you was such an overwhelming and intimidating idea that he sat by the back step paralyzed.

But his people were inside looking at some old house and they didn’t seem interested in letting him inside to lay on the couch like he would at home. So perhaps he would just follow Lucky a little ways down the trail.  So off the two went on a ramble across the native prairie into the setting sun  when suddenly there was a howling in the distance that literally raised the hair on the back of Marmaduke’s neck.  There straight ahead was a large pack of coyotes who looked very blood thirsty and were slowly starting to surround the two of them.

Marmaduke didn’t like confrontation with other animals nor did he like the wide open space without his people beside him. Thinking that this was going to be his end out here alone he drew within himself and thought so hard about how happy he would be to lie beside his people safe in the house. His happy thoughts translated into a apparition of couch and the coyotes slowly retreated from this strange site within their space. There was no words nor a formal spell spoken such as “expecto patronum” but sure enough the joy of his people had saved his life.


I think perhaps I should stick to non fiction as this is a pretty wicked attempt at writing but I am compelled to post it as it has taken me an hour to write and the evening is almost over. So trust me when I say that tomorrow’s night blog will be back to regularly scheduled programming and not some rambling fictional writing. This is actually my third attempt at fiction and my worst one yet! On the other hand I finally figured out how to embed an image from a different file and I have been talking with a young techie about how to upload my video to YouTube so that it can be embedded in a blog post so all is not lost. I somehow don’t expect a lot of likes, comments, shares on this post and in fact if you read all the way to the end kudos to you!

Expecto Patronum

2 thoughts on “Weird Words 

    • bernielynne May 6, 2015 / 9:26 am

      Thanks — random words really make you stretch your imagination. I like my other fictional ones better though.

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