Tree Planting 

Right then, it seems most people already think we are a little bit crazy, so perhaps no one will be surprised when I say we went tree planting. It wasn’t out on some mountain side but rather here on our native prairie land and down our driveway.

Several years preceding our move to the country I was the lucky recipient of 70 tree seedlings from a program at the Saskatoon Foresty Farm Park. We planted them in long flower pots and three years later transplanted half of them into a track mark from the earth mover. The other half we put into various holes in the native prairie. It has been long overdue that we move most of the trees you see below as they are far too close together.

Fast forward to a year and a half ago when we were the lucky recipients again but this time it was to 56 large evergreen trees. Our daughter and son-in-law provided the labour and the trees were free for the moving so it really was a win win situation. We have spent quite a bit of time watering these trees and fertilizing them as well.  9 of them didn’t survive so that is a 16% kill rate which is not bad. We have at least 12 trees to move and so if you extrapolate (bonus points for using this word correctly!) the kill rate we would lose 1.92 trees. We will put some in the native prairie and replace the 9 along the driveway. We need to continue a few in the shelter area until we are ready for them once the eastern retaining wall is complete so we have some left for that area. We will continue to water sufficiently again this year and hope that they take off. We checked our garden hedge and every last one of our bushes has leafed out which is very exciting. If you live in the Saskatoon area and are looking for a good nursery go to Little Tree Nursery in Martensville as they have hardy well established stock to chose from. This was not a paid advertisement just our assessment.

It’s amazing how well established the roots were for dead trees. My man is pretty darn amazing with what he can accomplish. The plus side is we have even more kindling for our summer fires. Which is seriously laughable as we have so much lathe and siding that we could have a fire every evening this summer and probably not get the pile all used up.

So that’s what we did this evening for a couple of hours. We will continue tomorrow evening and try to get it finished up now so they can get their roots going again. It’s nice to see how many of our evergreens are already sprouting new growth this year. Then it will be time to put plates on the old farm truck and start hauling some water. One of these fine days we will trench down to our big pond and get a water supply that is even easier than the 6 km drive to the well but that’s a project for another time.

Bernie and Ron


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