Full Days 

In my 365 day quest to blog daily there have been a handful of days where it just didn’t work. The day was so full that there wasn’t time to reflect and write. But before you tell me I need to declutter my life and stop to smell the roses please know that, for me, those days are like the icing on the cake.  We hosted a party last night as we are prone to doing. Some look at it as a lot of work, noise, mess and you lack the ability to leave when you want. I look on it as a clean house full of food, good friends, a brew or two and loads of laughter.  So yes I did spend 4 hours cleaning yesterday but the bonus is the house still shines this am. Yes we cooked but we know that the focus isn’t the food so the grocery time and the prep time becomes our team work time together. So yes we stayed up late but what the heck, we can sleep when we are really old.  There are no photos of the day and yet it is filled with good memories. The sun shone, the dogs and I got a walk in, laughter filled the kitchen as the dishes got done and the candle burnt late into the night. But all is good.  My morning walk and quiet time is over so excuse me now while I go do some demolition, one of my favourite restoration stages. But that’s a whole another story and might be coming soon to this blog. Have a great day. Thanks for stopping in and for liking or commenting or returning again to see what I’ve been writing, slash rambling, about. Bernie

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