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Coincidence or Collaboration?

Several years ago I got my foot twisted up in a cord and made a hasty exit off of a ladder. I  (perhaps) banged up my head on the kitchen cupboards that I had been staining but with the blood running down my arm from a nasty gash I wasn’t overly concerned about that. The short story here is that I had a concussion which I ignored because I was busy cleaning and patching up my arm. I ignored it for several days as I felt unwell and was just annoyed that every time I got up on the ladder I was so dizzy. Walking backwards behind a stretcher at work with my head turned actually made me ill and it was at that point that a MD diagnosed the concussion. There was little to do as it was already a few days old and really the story was all about my arm as it was now black, blue and had a lovely scar forming.


About two years after that I had an unpleasant encounter with a keeper from the opposing soccer team. She went through me like I was standing still and I went backwards fast and hard. My head double bounced on the centre floor with two bangs loud enough to be heard by spectators. I finally stood and got helped to the bench where I proceeded to throw up in the garbage can. There was little doubt that was a concussion and several on the team wanted me to seek medical attention but there was one on the soccer team that wanted me to trust her for an immediate hands on treatment when we got to the dressing room.

My team-mate did some kind of treatment on me and the results were quite spectacular. I had no preconceived idea what she was about to do but I do know that at the end of it I did feel better. I can’t say I was 100% better but I was certainly more balanced than I had been before she started and I did feel strange “vibrations” or something kind of like goose bumps run up and down several parts of my body.

A few years before that one of the anesthesiologist ‘s that I have known for a few decades had given me an acupuncture treatment when my back was having a particularly bad flare up. I ended up with the most wicked bruise on my elbow which he said was quite rare. I must admit that it didn’t seem to help my back particularly all that much but then I went right back to work and didn’t really rest it either.

So I have tried a couple of alternative medicine’s and it would seem to be with mixed success. I actually don’t even know what kind of treatment the weekend team-mate did on me. I have recently had a young colleague, who has taken her first level of Reiki, give me a couple of episodes in a quiet corner at work. There is no doubt in my mind that the there are strange “feelings” despite the fact that she actually never touches me but the sensations of hot, cold and “pins and needles” is quite significant.

A couple of weeks ago at a workshop I was introduced to a qi and the energy meridians. Now there will be many out there who will say that this is pseudoscience bunk and that no such thing exists. I, on the other hand, think that the ancient cultures had some aspects of life quite balanced and did have intuitive healing tools that they used. You can call them what you like but there have always been healers and modern medicine has only been around for a couple of hundred years. A great deal of what this speaker talked about made sense in a natural way and a few hands on experiments, with random participants (myself included) seemed to show some merit to her information. She offered, for free, after the session to have anyone try her qi machine that realigns the energy in your body. I thought it was worth a try and it was a very interesting experience. After it was turned off I had a rainbow of colour wash over my mind which faded out to white and then a green haze drifted over that. I felt very relaxed and yet energized after that.

Now the real icing on the cake came later that evening in a social setting. The instructor was socializing over a drink as were most of the workshop participants; relaxing in our unexpected luxury in the penthouse suite of a fabulous hotel. We were discussing menopausal insomnia and how it can be a real challenge. She gave the two of us a tapping (on the seven chakra points) word focused “exercise” which we repeated after her.

It is very interesting to note that I have slept better in the last 10 days than I have in the last 10 years. So is it just a good cycle I’m in right now or was there something to what she did with us? The strangest thing is that my friend has also been sleeping significantly better than her usual. On reflecting it appears that neither of us have really changed any routines, habits, diets or any other factors. So is it coincidence or collaboration that something besides modern medicine works?

5 thoughts on “Coincidence or Collaboration?

  1. These alternative medicines have been around for a long, long time – and I think we are just touching the surface of what they can help our bodies do for us! I am so glad that you have found some relief – may you continue the experience! Take care.


  2. Generally I’m a skeptic. I like my modern medicine. Although some complimentary alternative treatments do seem to work so well. Anything I’ve tried hasn’t really done anything for me ( body talk, chiro, reiki). Perhaps because I’m skeptical, I wouldn’t even have a placebo effect? I am interested in them though. Which is why I tried body talk. Have you ever considered trying that? It’s rather odd. I think I may try acupuncture or pressure for my wonky hip.


    1. Body talk was what the team mate did after the run over and head bang. I couldn’t remember the name of it. I’ve had reiki but at work so I am sure it would be more effective in a quieter setting


    2. I think your wonky hip needs a good physiotherapist. do you have one? I have an excellent one — he’s hard to get into but he is worth the wait. Body talk was really weird but it did help with the concussion for sure. I’m rather skeptical as well and I know that acupuncture didn’t seem to work for me the two times I tried it. But you know I think these other methods have all been around a lot longer than scientific medicine so I do believe that there is something to them.


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