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Around Our World (in one room)

We call the main floor bedroom the “gramma” room as it is where my mother stays when she visits. It has a vintage quilt on it and the pattern is called “around the world”. I picked it up at an estate sale a few years ago and felt that the colours worked well within that space. We have had several travel items sitting in there  and so I hatched the idea that we should have an around the world travel wall of photos. It has taken a significant length of time to achieve this but I am extremely happy to report that tonight we hung the last photo/frame.

We had stalled out as we needed the mat cutter and had momentarily displaced it but we finally found it. Then the bonus was that we were home together on a snow day so finally got back at the picture frame project. The bed has been littered with frames and supplies for 3 months so it is well past time to get this wrapped up especially as my mother is coming to visit in just over a month.

Ron cutting the matting for one of the frames


A frame in the middle of a specialized coat of paint. I used gauze to put a light coat of colour on the gold.


The second wall completed. This wall has photos from Germany, Czech Republic, England, Scotland and Wales. It has art work from Portugal and Prague.


On the third wall is Australia, Arizona, Belgium and Ireland. The Auz photo dates back to slides and our first trip there in 1982 – we just changed frames out on it.

The frames are all multiple tones of gold. The matting varies depending on several factors and some don’t have matting. Most of the frames are antique or vintage and were picked up at antique stores, my local small town second hand store and Value Village. Ron’s concern is that this volume of framed photos makes the room feel busy but I’m loving it but the plus side to using the picture rail is that it is easy to move the frames around should we desire to.

Now maybe we just need one more snow day so that we can hang the completed picture rail in the second floor bedroom  —  I’m just kidding people! We could do this on a rain day as we’ve actually had enough snow for a while and it would be nice if spring was to finally arrive.

The windows are clean and the screens are in as we thought spring was here. The quality of the picture is crappy because of the screen but who wanted to go outside Sunday am with no heat in the house and the wind howling! We had as much snow in 24 hours as we had for almost all the winter.


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