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I’m not talking about an abstract from a thesis or a book. I’m referring to abstract art of which I created some today (now yesterday — the post could not happen as we had no power therefore no internet). Now I’m fairly crafty but not truly artistic. I can free motion quilt and I can create a landscape wall hanging from a photo but it kind of ends there. Drawing is definitely not my forte  but this was abstract alcohol ink art so I jumped in with both feet.

I have two very artistic friends who have been taking art classes for several years now and have produced a lot of lovely pictures. Last year they wandered into alcohol ink painting and fell in love with the intensity of the colours. So Janice organized a class for six of us.

The instructor gives the demo and you start off with landscapes because she says our brain needs to work first with something we understand. Working from a photo was something I could do so I found one of my favourite spots in my world and set out to create it in this medium.

Our fence — the scene of many photos.


Gladys seems to have nailed the lanscape dept

It probably helps if you can remember what colour blends with what to create a new colour. Flowers were the next category and I found those a real struggle. Somehow the colour and the compressed air didn’t want to do what I wanted it to!  The reality was significantly less like the photo than my landscape attempts.

My first (and best) flowwer


Janice has a wonderful hand and you can see how well these two flowers turned out.


We then moved on to free time to  finish up whichever direction we chose to move to. At the very end I tried true abstract just for the fun of it. It was just colours, alcohol and moving things around. It was fun and rather liberating not trying to “perfect” something but just accepting it as it rolled out. When you have a vision in your head it is hard to know when to stop and accept it or to try and make it better. This usually results in worse is what we all seemed to find out.

my abstract attempt


Janice took a small mirror and used it with tremendous results. It is 3D in person!


These are three more of Janice’s creations.

Demonic birds – bought at a garage sale for a dollar. Don’t ask me why as I didn’t do it. I hated them and thought what the heck – let’s try something crazy here.


Same tiles and a lot of alcohol ink later. It seems dark in colour to me but Ron thought it was quite bright. I love the multi colours but I can still see one eye of the bird. Maybe I should try flipping directions with it.


Joanne and Jamie’s landscapes. I love that birch tree on the corner.

It was an interesting experience and a fun way a day with a great group of women so immersed in art that we rather missed out that it was an April snow day.


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