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There are certain aspects of life that you just can’t hide from like taxes. You can ignore them for a while but eventually you must make time to do the less thrilling parts of life. So I set out today to get some financial obligations under control. My other half had done his share this week and submitted our taxes which was nice as we both have a sweet refund coming our way soon. So for me today it was just a matter of doing the books for the last two months and updating a shwack of stuff for our financial advisor. I always swear I’m not going to let it build up and yet I turn around and I’m behind in it again. I have spent quite a bit of time stream lining the processes from where we were at 3 years ago but still find it easy to neglect it. It took me a long time to embrace technology but now I am happy to do my online downloads in Money and then the budget update from there. It seems onerous but tracking our financial spending for the past 34 years has been worth it so we can make informed decisions.

Other obligations also require regular attention and so I did a 1 km walk and a 5 km run this afternoon. It’s important to MAKE time to take care of body and mind. I didn’t really learn this lesson until in my late 40’s but I am putting it into place everyday by the choices that I make.

I also wore my volunteer hat today and hopefully have nailed down the last few details for our upcoming 35th class reunion this fall. I wore my family hat and did our booking for the Christmas Mexico wedding. We are going with Ron’s mom and our children and their significant others so it took a bit of organizing to make sure we were all on the same page.

Obligations are complete and so now it’s Friday evening and party time but I am going to leave you with a link about obligations and living life fully. It’s written for those in their 20’s but is actually relevant to all as a review of where they are at in their life.