There are some days in your life when you just wonder how you ended up so incredibly blessed. For me today was one of those special days. It began with an early morning flight and is ending with journaling/blogging after midnight but every moment has been stellar and outstanding. The basis of this day has been firmly lodged in friendship and a caring that comes from the heart served with a serious side dose of sassy. It also included a earnest helping of women empowerment, engagement and energy with many huge episodes of laughter.

I am spending the weekend away with three friends in an incredible location (more on that later) attending an women’s workshop for two days. It’s called “Breaking Busy” and is being hosted by Linda Edgecombe who is a phenomenal motivational speaker. Our evening included a wine and cheese reception but the highlight was creating a Joy Jar and sharing our stories. Today it was an actual jar that we labelled with a secondary label stating what our focus “word” was and how we would carry these words and actions forward. Our joy jar is to be filled with the things that bring joy and balance (in my case) into our lives. Linda’s hope is that we will take away something from the weekend but also help fill up someone else’s joy jar.

Now joyful I was not this am when the “girls” (don’t ask me how a bunch of 50+ year old women get to refer to themselves as girls but that’s a whole another story) kept harassing and teasing me about my defective luggage. You see it has wheels but the pull handle broke and we never remember to replace our weekend bag because we never remember until we are using it that it is broken. But my lovely friends remember that it was this way for a couple of trips so today we had to go shopping to replace it. AND THEN —— I bet you can guess! Yes these women like to shop and I was surrounded by them and they kept making me try clothes on even when I kept saying NO and then finally it was over and my debit card breathed a sigh of relief. We then had an incredible lunch complete with beer and free dessert on a roof top deck in the sunshine. It doesn’t get much better than this does it? Could we just spend the whole afternoon up there but oh NO we have to go shopping again because there is this awesome little dress shop we discovered last trip. It turns out we made such an impression last year that they remember us and let’s just say that after today they will always remember us for the depression stockings and the 656 outfits we all tried on. There was a lot of laughter and good natured ribbing but underlying it all was a support that our bodies are unique and special and the size number on the label doesn’t really matter. It’s great that the outside package looks good but it’s more important that the inside package has weight and substance plus a belly laugh at the ready.

Underlying the whole day for me was this sense of joy that came from being in a green space. The interior of British Columbia is in a different climate zone than the prairies and so is weeks ahead of where we are. It just felt so incredible to be surrounded by tulips, cherry blossoms, hillsides full of yellow flowers (hopeful to have a photo of those tomorrow) and green trees, grass and hills. Add to that a full day of sunshine, good food, great friends, laughter and learning and you can see why I am still buzzed from our day.

But it gets better even if that seems hard to believe. When we were checking into this amazing hotel there was an issue with one of our two bookings. It turned out that my girl friends were going to have to share a king size bed. Now having booked this months ago and knowing that on the final night after the conference when we were going to downsize to one room for the four of us a king size wasn’t going to work. So we asked them to make a switch out for us and someone laughingly suggested that they give us the pent house suite. YES you guessed it. That is where the Penthouse girls are sleeping tonight while their poor country cousins slum it in a basically stellar room. The penthouse kind of rocks and has a number of incredible features which we are going to take advantage of. The extra space came in handy when we hosted almost all of the women tonight for a BYOB wine and munchie penthouse tour. YEP life it pretty darn fine.

At the end of the evening as we walked back to our room I noted to my friend that we are pretty blessed. We have supportive husbands who know that we will come home healthier for our time away. We have incredible friendships that give us the support and encouragement that is vital to our well being. We will have empowered ourselves from something we learn and carry forward from this workshop. Hopefully we will have made someone else laugh or give pause by a thought or story we share.


2 thoughts on “Really?

  1. Anonymous April 17, 2015 / 9:01 am

    wow, sounds pretty awesome! Will be waiting for you to share all you learned


    • bernielynne April 17, 2015 / 9:17 am

      I sure will — just not sure how much chatting time we will have when we are together next?


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