I am quite sure that today I was down right annoying to those around me. It’s always like this when I am taking a trip and the excitement gets ahold of me. I walk around singing “leaving on a jet plane” randomly. There are perhaps moments where I find focusing on the task at hand a bit of a challenge because I have “left” my present space and am full of  joyful anticipation about my time away. I can guarantee you that no one was hurt by my occasional inattentiveness. I still gave 100% and yet that underlying excitement just penetrated everything I did.


The link above will take you to the version that plays in my head and let you have the same “ear worm” that I had all day. It’ s a hoot to watch old stuff like this and just maybe I’ve finally got this link thing figured out. 

I always feel this way before a plane trip but it’s interesting to note I’m slightly less cheery when I know that we are going to drive 8 hours (or more) to have our R and R time. Then I have to focus on end point and not the trip. The road trips mean lots of down time though so one would think I would like them as I can read endlessly but really I’m not a great passenger and only drive if asked to. I even found a haiku from last year’s writing to reflect that my sitting skills aren’t great.

Not good passenger 

Even more restless driver

Wish port keys were real

I’m off for a girl’s weekend in a fabulous location with awesome friends. It just doesn’t get any better than this  and although I will miss my man someone has to stay home and work! I hope he has a great weekend with a couple of projects so maybe I can do a house blog when I get back. In the meantime I may be MIA for a couple of days although I might be inspired by the location and the Friday workshop to write.


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