Writing Onward

I am motivated to spend the year writing for several reasons and one of them is my friend Gayle. She has recently challenged herself to go back to University and get a Masters in Fine Arts in Writing. She has a blog site at http://www.gaylesmith.wordpress.com and recently had a story published in a book!  That seems like a huge milestone worth celebrating. It was from Gayle that I learnt you should write about what you know.

Her story is about her grandfather and that motivated me to think about my memories of my grandparents. I was 21 when my paternal grandmother died so I have many Nanna memories although not the same quality as my older cousins have.  At that time Nanna and Bompa lived in the same small town so there were frequent visits whereas they lived in Regina for my whole life. My Bompa died when I was 6 or so and so I have a stack of memories as he used to come down and help my Dad on the farm during harvest and seeding. Then for two decades after my Nanna came down regularly and kept us in line! I actually remember getting swatted on the bottom fairly hard with the broom for some shenanigans that I pulled.

My memory files are quite a bit smaller when it comes to my maternal grandparents. They lived in Moose Jaw and it seems to me that we visited them less often perhaps because Regina was where we went for dentist appointments and back to school shopping. My grampa died when I was about 4 so my memories are very vague and actually cause most of my older cousins and my mom to laugh. I remember him as a tall man who spoke funny, gave us money and wore a vest. So he was 5’2″ which is my height and trust me that is not tall but I guess when you are 4 that seems tall. He never lost his English accent so that part is correct in my head and pennies are money so I win another one there. I do remember the vest as well and when I hear stories I can almost visualize the pocket watch. I don’t remember walking to the park with him or going for fish and chips either but perhaps we weren’t there long enough. I have a few more memories of Grannie and yet for me it is the sound of her soft English voice and a smell that comes to mind when I think of her.

Gayle fleshes her stories out with fabulous word choices and a easy flow that takes you places gently. Her words leave you with a clear vision of her characters and locations. So to my friend who has been one of my motivators to write thank you for your words of encouragement.





One thought on “Writing Onward

  1. Anonymous April 13, 2015 / 10:56 am

    Thank you, Bernie. Aren’t we lucky to have grandparent memories? You have been a prolific blogger — admirable.


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