She sat, alone, at the edge of the road partly hidden by the trees. The years had not been kind too her and many passed by without a second glance. Perhaps others, whose eyes glanced north,  wondered why she had let herself go so. There was no denying that she was in bad shape; battered by time, beaten down by the weather and suffering seriously from benign neglect.

But one couple stopped and truly looked and thought that the question that must be faced was whether too many years had been seen and could all those forces be counteracted with some love and serious attention. Neglect was better than abuse though so the bones were still strong and that was essential for a full recovery. There were other issues though that were functional and those would require much remedial work. The grime was the easiest fix as it usually is. A hot bath with some strong soap always works wonders and with a little elbow grease what was dull and despairing could become clean and bright again. 

So the couple picked her up and brought her home. It was in this newly transplanted location that she began to bloom again although it took more time than the man and woman had imagined. Their son had the truth of it when he said that the devotion could not waiver for 15 years if a full recovery was to be anticipated. 

Year in and year out the couple put in countless hours so that the glow was more than skin deep. In fact they didn’t start with the soapy water but rather the meat and potatoes aspect that had been neglected. They built up the layers so that a new confidence in herself could be appreciated  and they pitched in with extras that changed her whole outlook for the next century. She started to hum under their tutelage and many now glanced her way in recognition of a quiet beauty that even her age couldn’t deny.














So today when the woman finished washing away the winter’s dust on the 34 windows and 5 doors of her (heritage house) the beauty could be truly appreciated as it was not one dimensional. Windows once sealed shut with chalking and nails, thick with decades of true grim, shone now and let in the sunshine. Through those windows the countryside setting unfolds and delights the eye from sunrise to sunset and then onward into the moon shine. The warmth and charm of the inside radiate to all who enter the doors.









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