Can’t Rush…

You can’t rush a turtle (although I have no idea why that is a saying) and you can’t rush spring in the prairies. As soon as the the temperature increases past 5 we are so ready to shed our parkas, mitts and boots that we do a happy dance into capris, shorts, t-shirts and sandals. But mother earth takes longer to warm up than a human does and so we are still anxiously awaiting the green to take hold. The crocuses are up which is a sign that spring is here and the geese and sand hill cranes have arrived. The aspen trees have turned a slightly green colour but that is just the sap running apparently. The evening sun stays up for quite some time and has so much heat during the day that it’s quite lovely. On the other hand there is still snow in hidden crevices, ice on almost every water surface and a cool breeze fills the night air. So we just have to be patient a while longer and know that when spring truly arrives and gives way to summer we will all be in our little piece of heaven.


IMG_8461 IMG_8462


I have noticed, since living outside of the city, that the prairie takes longer to warm up than the city does. I suspect it is the asphalt and the concrete that holds the temperature in. I had lunch in the Queen’s Garden last week and that little hidden gem, protected on three sides by a 5 story structure, is full of green. It is, for now, my little oasis but soon the prairie will bloom again.






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