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Not Today

I had hoped that today was D Day — the day that the bike came off the trainer and went outside for a spin but alas I let the snow and driving wind keep me inside.

I had my first taste of a ride on the weekend in my home town and boy did it feel good. I always look forward to putting on some miles under sun shine and and a light breeze. Reality seems to not always turn out like that but I love looking forward to the  enjoyment and physical push of a good ride. My usual 10 km route includes hills, gravel and usually wind.

I have challenged myself this year and have joined a women’s bike group called The Pedal Wenches! Isn’t that a kick ass name. The group was developed by a young acquaintance of mine. She saw a need for a culture where female riders could learn and bond so she “built it”. And they came as the saying goes. I haven’t put many miles on with my second hand road bike so it really will be a learning curve for me. I think I have the basic cardio but the group skills will be a whole new way to ride. I know this would help me if I continue to do triathlons.

Fitness is an important aspect of life my balance. And biking requires balance. So there I go — out the door soon for a ride.



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