A pixel of time 

We were sharing stories at work today, complete with accents and colourful descriptions and I was struck by this thought.

Besides the milestones and the tough times are the day to day times where life slides on by. Our memory banks are only so big which results in details being lost in an over load area. But there are regular moments that stand out and become the “stuff of legends”.
A friend blogged about her son’s first year and how quickly it had gone by. I commented that when she turned around he would be in grade school and in the blink of an eye he would be a teenager. I told her to hug him daily but I didn’t tell her to journal it because it’s the little details that are lost over time. The pictures in the photo albums can evoke the feelings, sights, sounds and smells of an experience.
In our house there are certain sayings and photos that bring a smile to my face as I recollect times with our children as they grew. For my adult life the saying “and the sun was shining” was added by everyone to almost any one of my memories as it turns out I remember the sunny days best.
Fragments of a day
Caught in a pixel of time
Memories frozen
The definition of a pixel is the smallest image available for capture on a digital photo so I have taken the first part of the definition and used it as a small image we save in our head of a day or time.
PS I wrote this blog Friday and it crashed on my IPhone several times. Eventually I gave up and am now finishing it up two days later.

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