Final addiction 

Sunshine,  beer and chocolate are my “addictions” but there is one more that I’ve hinted about. Tonight I thought it was time to reveal what the final item is.

I believe that in every country that I’ve posted pictures of  for a travel blog there was always a photo of one of these. I regularly take pictures of them here in Saskachewan. I believe that they are window to the past but also a statement about our culture.

I suspect my children and my husband might’ve guessed by now that I’m talking about cemeteries or graveyards. During our first trip to England when the children were six and eight our daughter was convinced that we stopped at every cemetery we saw. She has always found them creepy and I’ve always found them fascinating.

They are a place of quiet reflection and appreciation. The words and dates translate to someone who came before us and who walked this earth with people who loved them. It can be extremely moving to stand beside the gravestone of your great great  grandparents that you stumbled across. The stories on the headstones can be heartbreaking but that’s what makes us appreciate what we have in our lives today.

All too often here in Western Canada the cemeteries lack a presence. In Europe they are so well cared for. It is a common occurrence to see family members caring for plots. Here in North America we adorn with glow lights and plastic flowers or the cemetery runs to benign neglect.

These photos range from the Jewish Cemetery in Prague to a tiny little cemetery in Viceroy, Saskathewan and show all seasons. There are western, eastern and maritime ones as well as two British Isles ones. I could have posted 75 photos but the computer was slow in uploading tonight and I have to go to bed.

I hope the photos and words encourage you to reflect and look at cemeteries in a new light.


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