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Cake Off

If you have gathered any sense of me in these blog pages you will have garnered that I am a very goal orientated and a smidgeon competitive. We are having our second “Cake Off” at work on Thursday and I am going to be around to compete this time for the title of top baker. Nurses, as a rule, love to cook and share food as attested to in my blog post “10 Signs you are being raised by a nurse”. Now I missed the first one and another farm girl home baker rose to the chocolate challenge for the Valentine’s event. Now here it is Easter and there is no category for the type of cake. The best part is that the donations to make yourself a “judge” will go towards our Dragon Boat team for the Heart and Stroke Foundation so it is a win win situation. Loads of good cake to eat and the money will go to research to find out what causes strokes (like too much cake with whipping cream!).

I’m no stranger to competitive baking as my mom started us early. She’s a canny one and when the larders got empty she would suggest the sisters have a bake off and there were certain amount of points for cakes, cookies, pies and squares. This is decades ago before microwaves and convection ovens and so we actually had to compromise a bit and work with each other to maximize our resources. It’s from those days that I learnt to make a killer puffed wheat cake. Once my sisters left home my brother and I used to compete to see who’s puffed wheat cake was better! Several decades later we formed a dessert club with two other couples and so once every few weeks we get together and try new recipes. Theoretically it isn’t competitive but there is always one dessert that rises to the top like cream.


Now on to my dilemma which is that I have several really excellent recipes from decades of baking but I want to set myself up for success so I thought why not find out which cake is the favoured by the most people At work today I did an informal poll of several and it would appear to me that lemon beats out pumpkin but what if I add chocolate or cheesecakes into the mix.  So I decided to do a poll to figure out what type and flavour of cake is enjoyed by the most people and that might help me narrow it down so that I can figure out which one to bake.

So join in the fun even if you can’t join me in eating cake!


PS Sorry to my dessert club friend Greg as none of them have cool whip which is his favourite ingredient!

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