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One Fine Day…

Each and every year there comes along one day that says Spring is here! 

That day was today and it felt so good. I awoke to a room full of blazing sun and a brilliantly blue sky. It just fills you up with energy.

Despite lots on the “to do list” I knew that today would include an awesome trek with the dogs. It was preceded by a very late lunch which was eaten outside on our bench. In my capris and a sleeveless t-shirt!
The 3 km walk was too long for our old lab and too short for the retriever and I. We followed a deer trail for about 1 km and the trail was a bit rough and pretty soggy in spots. We came back via the road instead of the alfalfa field (maybe dryer) but then Lucky found open water for his first swim of the season. It is obvious that Breze is feeling her age as she stood and watched him when last year she would have lead the charge into the water.
Herald the crocuses
Springs first bright burst of colour
Finally arrived

All sorts of bird calls
Are loud on land and water 
The doves now roosting
Things we do for dogs
Full of enthusiasm
Makes up for the mess
The icing on the cake or more aptly the meal on the plate was delicious. That first BBQ of the season heralds the end of oven meals and the slow cooker. It’s grill season which makes everything taste so darn good. The added bonus is that there is very little clean up with tasty results.
For sure there will be more cool days but today spring arrived and with it the spirit lifted in the warm sunshine.


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