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Derailed Again

I woke up at eight from the strangest dream,  the details of which I don’t think I’ll share here. I felt a bit disorientated and had a kink in my neck but the sun was trying to shine so all seemed good in my world. I knew what was on my list today and I was looking forward to some quality alone time; quietly busy. 

 As is my usual custom I do the financial updates on a weekend am so thought I would have a quick breakfast while I did that. Except that I couldn’t find my debit card to log in so then I zipped upstairs to look in my pants pocket which is the usual hiding spot. Then I cleaned out my purse and went through my swim bag, jackets and the mail slots. But it failed to materialize so eventually I gave up on that after 30 minutes and went to have my breakfast and get painting as that is the main goal for today. 

First though I need to protect the walls so I go to get the work sheets to put up only I can’t find them. I was sure I had them downstairs but maybe they are still in the truck so I go out to the truck and look for them. No sign of them but the truck is messy and some things need to be organized and I decide that perhaps the debit card is in there.

No card and no sheets so I think I should phone my son-in-law to see if I left the sheets there and if so could he bring them over when he comes to pick up hay. You guessed it — now I can’t find my cell phone and no I can’t use the land line as I don’t have a clue what his number is. So now I’m looking for my cell phone and my debit card and frustrated as I can’t do the prep with the spray paint I need to.  

Focusing on the positives I decide to do a little staining job on a picture frame. Voila when I went for the staining cloth I found all the sheets neatly stacked under the shelf with all the painting supplies and my cell phone is on the deep freeze. All right I’m back on track and it’s only 0930 so my goal of starting by 0900 isn’t totally blown out of the water.

So I’m up on the scaffolding to put up the first sheet and the land phone rings which is of course not up there with me. I just make it before the answering machine cuts in and have a lovely chat with my brother-in-law. Once off the phone I realize I need painters tape to hold the sheets on and know that it’s up in the attic so  down off the scaffolding and up to the attic. Back up on scaffolding then I need the scissors to cut the excess of the protection sheets away so back upstairs. At long last section one is protected, I shoot a picture, build a bit more scaffolding to make life easier and provide some ventilation with windows open.  Now when I get paint in my hand I’m focused and at peace as it’s something I love to do.  Once the pre spraying is done I open the door, turn the fan on and leave the house as those spray fumes are brutal on my head. 


 I’m back on track as the plan was to get the mail and wash the vehicle while the paint dried. This is also a weekend ritual to run to our small town Saturday am and do these items but today  the wash cycle won’t work so I have to wait and move bays because I really need soap. There are vehicles that go to the car wash that I often wonder why. When we take our truck in it’s truly a dirty vehicle especially this week as I drove on a summer road in the spring. It was a bit of a dah moment and one I  got out of with four wheel drive. 

 Once I have returned home I am super pumped about mixing the metallic paints up as we are using two different colours and brands. It’s a messy messy job taking paint out of a square plastic container but finally I have it all emptied and mixed. I’m a bit concerned it’s too dark so decide I need to look up company info which means I need to dig in the bag with the empty paint cans that I just sealed up. I do a test patch and then confer with my husband long distance about whether the colors good or not. We decide that it’s coat one and we can always lighten up the second coat if necessary. 


 By now the sun has disappeared and so I go to the garage looking for the construction light but after dig it out I plug it in and neither bulb works. Insert heavy sigh here. I plunge ahead and paint one small section of the corner trim when I get a text from my daughter with a request. She is having company for supper and needs our small table and two chairs. This means though that I  can exchange those for their construction light. The table is a little bit heavy for me alone so I decide to make it easy and back the truck up right to the back door. It turns out that it’s not as dry as I thought and I have to put it into four-wheel-drive to get out and the newly clean truck is now covered in mud and I have big tracks to fill in. 


 Once I return home I decide to forgo lunch as it’s now 1330 and I feel seriously behind. 3 hours later I climbed off the scaffolding and cleaned up with section 1 completed with first coat of metallic paint. I won’t  post a picture of until I get better light. I laid on the floor to take a photo and almost couldn’t get up as my neck and shoulders were so sore. It was nothing that a good walk and some Advil couldn’t fix followed up by an awesome supper. 


 My plan for this evening was to keep working on a spread sheet detailing blog titles, categories and photos used. Turns out though that I hadn’t unloaded the dishwasher at any point in time today and there were hand dishes to do. Then I gave myself over to watching the sun go down and the stars come out. The peace and quiet was much needed.

In keeping with the fact that everything today has been a bit of a struggle the keyboard and the computer are not “in sync” and I am exasperated with it. I suspect it is a Word Press issue as it is fine when I am I in other programs. Any other bloggers ever experience this.  

 But all’s well that ends well — while I was waiting for the words to catch up I leaned back and put my hands in my back pocket. Yep — my debit card was in my capris!! 


6 thoughts on “Derailed Again

  1. Seriously funny! Sounds like my life, but then as you would say, “she is my MUCH older cousin”. I thought a day like this was just old age! Ha ha, could that be happening to you too???


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