Brain Waves 

I decided it was more important to declutter my mind rather than clean out a drawer.  I have a wand but lack a Pensieve to put my jumbled thoughts into as Dumbeldore did so I settled for pen and paper to help sort out the ramblings.

There was the usual to do list items like Sarcan returns, clean 31 windows and put in screens and call Trevor about 2014/2015 hay. There were volunteer items like send out reunion info for my upcoming 35th class reunion and I need to get moving on that. There was the “city list” which included new shoes, paint supplies and buy stamps.

There was another list that read like this

  • sleep issues: review sleep hygiene, shoot for 10:30 bedtime (haha)
  • foot issues: stretching, physio ?, voltaren, ice versus heat. New shoes
  • muscle issues: stretch regularly not sporadically
  • weight issues: remember the SMART goal – keep up momentum.

For about 3 years I have suffered from insomnia and have blamed it on menopause. Prior to that I slept well and long, usually only waking up if my back was cranky. Then it all turned around and I have loads of night time to write haikus and catch up on reading. But under it all I’m tired but have little choice but to keep going. I have tried hot showers and hot baths but underlying all of it is a tendency to being hot, although I’m lucky that I don’t  have night sweats, so too much heat doesn’t work. I have tried some non prescription drugs and must admit that Nighttime Advil gives a good night sleep but I can’t get up in the am worth a hoot. I do a lot of deep breathing but after a couple of hours I allow myself to get up for an hour, usually spent reading on the internet or creating haikus and then go back to bed. The cut off is that at 0430 I am getting up even if I had no sleep because after that point it’s just too bloody hard to get up at 0600.

So today at work I was listening to this article from the Business Insider about what Smart phones do to your brain if used prior to sleeping. Here is the link and I hope it works this time.

I have already done a blog post called Unplugged and do try to subscribe to decreasing my digital input. But as I was reading a light bulb went on and I thought — holy cow I think I am sabatoing my own sleep patterns without realizing it. I check several things on the phone after I climb into bed with the most important being that I have my alarm set. I’m trying a new experiment and will set the alarm at 10:00 in the kitchen light. I will plug the phone in across the room and have no access to it. I will have to rethink what I do if I get up during the night because I can’t sleep as I am a bit of a compulsive reader and have trouble stopping after a chapter or two.

Wish me luck as after three nights of poor sleep quality I really need a good one tonight. Now to go unplug.



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