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10 Signs You’re Being Raised by a Nurse

It could be seen as a cheater blog except that her article really spoke to me. I laughed and I had tears in my eyes so I think she nailed it.

My mother was a nurse so I was raised in this fashion. Then I became a nurse and raised two children. Heck for me not even full out blood sent you for stitches. As an operating room nurse I carry a few outdated OR surplus supplies so can provide emergency care in the field. I always said though that I didn’t have x-ray eyes and so if the kid thought it was broken we went and usually it turned out it was broken! 

 The only one of her ten items that didn’t apply to our household was staying away until the nurse had showered in scalding hot water. I have the “privilege” of wearing scrubs so always come home feeling like I left my work germs for someone else to wash. I have been known to have a shower at work after a particularly “icky” case.

I had one child who could handle the medical talk while the other one was quite disgusted by it. My brother can’t even handle the smell of the hospital let alone stories that come home from there! If the vet had to come out to do something for our dairy cattle both he and my father left the barn and I became the second pair of hands which was just all right with me. No surprise I ended up where I did. 

 I have taken a lot of food to work over the years for potlucks which was noted in her entry as “bring a dish” party. I had forgotten that the word potluck isn’t universally used. My family were often annoyed that I made some amazing baking or an entree that they didn’t get to taste! I always said I would bring leftovers home but the work lounge must have some kind of underground network as every doctor, resident and med students show up when the nurses have cooked. The paper plates and cutlery that she mentioned — those are always brought by the same people. The ones who are too busy to cook. 

 As a child I never appreciated the fact that my mom worked all night but stayed up when she got home to make breakfast and see us off to school.

 As a parent I missed a few key events but I also raised independent children as they learned to share at day care and later learned to cook supper with the note left on the counter providing instructions. They grew up knowing that my phone might ring in the middle of the night even if I wasn’t on call and dad would “have to do” because mom was helping to save someone’s life. I wouldn’t change a thing which is why her words resonated with me. It’s not a 9 to 5 job but a profession where your actions, at home and at work, speak louder than a paycheck. 


Post script — the one that she missed? The cupboard full of cleaning supplies which are really surplus clean supplies that can’t be reused! People covet our awesome cloths and wipes for dog diarrhea or sheets for covering the floor when painting. I will have to stock up before I retire! 


There are lots of nurses in my family, including my mother, who has been a nursery nurse for almost 40 years. So I know a thing or two about being raised by a nurse…

Britta-Perry Seriously?!?

You have to be bleeding to death or unconscious to go to the emergency room. When my dad started complaining of chest pain in the middle of the night and said he wanted to go to the ER, my mom warned him that it better not be his gallbladder. Halfway to the ER, she made him go back home so she could get her scrubs… you know, ’cause she worked the next day :/  Needless to say, it was not his gallbladder. You guessed it, he was having a heart attack.  I’m so glad he’s still around to not let her live that one down…Oh, and she didn’t notify any of her kids until the next morning, because “he…

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4 thoughts on “10 Signs You’re Being Raised by a Nurse

  1. My Mom was a nurse too and with both my parents working we where very independent. As a working Mom it gives me great pride that I am also raising independent children and that I have the type of job that is very rewarding and that I can help fix people’s ” bobos” as Connor says. Thanks Bernie for this post, it is nice to see that all the juggling, worrying about if you are doing enough for your kids and missing the odd event at school, you can still raise children you can be very proud of and a career that you love as well!!!


    1. It does take juggling but seriously I wouldn’t change anything about my major life choices. It’s hard sometimes when you are mega tired and feel like you can’t go that extra mile but somehow you do. Because people need you and there is always a potluck somewhere along the way!


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