Two steps back 

The progress on painting the tin ceiling seems to have come to a screeching halt much to my dismay. 

There are areas of the T-bar that need to be painted which aren’t accessible by a paintbrush. These are spots where the tin had to vent be bent up or where the tin doesn’t quite lay flat despite Ron’s  several attempts to make it do so. Insert exhibit A. 

So I stopped at Rona and bought a can of brown spray paint. And then in a supremely rookie move I started spraying on the ceiling without first testing that the color was close enough. That was a huge DAH moment. Insert exhibit B. 

One evening I got out the left over tin pieces to do test patches of the metallic paint. Remember the part where we been working on that project for a while? The metallic paint was bought several years ago. So I shook it. Then I couldn’t get the lid off so I gave it to Ron. He squeezed while turning and the paint came out of the bottom of the plastic! It was just a small mess there. Insert exhibit C. 

I bought this discontinued paint quite sometime ago. I bought as much of it as was available  but Ron’s math skills reveal we don’t have enough. So the plan there is to buy a similar color and mix the batches together ahead of time to make it look like our test patch from several years ago. Insert Exhibit D.

But undeterred with the leaking painted I still wanted to do a test patch. But neither of us can remember how I achieved the look on that previous test piece. So I just went for it. Ron likes the effect and I think it’s not dense enough. Insert exhibit E. 

So feeling like winter is drawing to an end and wanting to make some progress on something I encouraged Ron to hang a newly framed painting. Insert exhibit F and a happy face! 

So now it’s off to find paint and another weekend day to work on the ceiling. 


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