Pivo Ride

We wanted to really mark our 25th anniversary in a special way so we traipsed off to Europe. We did a 7 day bike trip in the Czech Republic which was amazing. It was our first foray into biking as a way to see a country and we came away smitten. You experience the country up close and personal with the sights, sounds, smells and culture coming at you in slow motion. The added benefit is that after a 50 km day you can afford the calories of two pivo (beer)! We enjoyed fabulous fall weather and great companionship with our friends.

The countryside was very pleasant but it was the architecture and the history that made the trip so amazing. From the Hapsburg Empire to the Liechtenstein Legacy the buildings are so incredible it’s hard to describe. In some places it was like being in a time warp back to 1530. The castles date back to 1220 and the churches 1147. Heck even the brewery we stopped at was old and dates back to 1379.  In its more modern history we also saw WW2 bunkers and the Iron Curtain.

This has been a very pleasant trip down memory lane for me on a throw back Thursday post. I am doing an hour-long travel presentation at the local library on Saturday so have been creating the file and organizing my speaking notes. The hardest part will be the pronunciation of places like Vranov Nad Dyui or Jindrichuv Hradec!

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