Hidden gems

Just on the edge of the beaten path, nestled near a quickly receding  snowdrift pokes out one of the harbingers of spring. Like the Canadian geese the much awaited arrival of the crocus is a sure sign that the days got longer. Not yet brave enough to show their full form they just have their fuzzy little heads poking out through the grass.

Off the beaten track, near the deer trails in the long grass they remain hidden still, waiting for yet warmer weather to reach down through and awaken them. The tall grass areas remain multi shades of brown with patches of snow still evident. No signs of life here unless you dig deeper.

Water seeps and runs as the snow disappears. The trail changes one minute from long grass to snowbank and back again. The winter deer trails are hard to follow  so we just meander along.

The ponds are still frozen and probably treacherous.  The young runner leaps through them all despite the mushing sound. Older wiser feet stay on solid ground.

Slowly we return home reluctantly. No mitts and no toque made the  urge to do another loop strong. As we turn towards the house the geese fly by in V formation calling out the same good news that we know. Spring is here.


PS last night’s the words wouldn’t flow while today’s post the words flew into my head as we walked. The theme of my daily walk was inspired by my young American cousin, who has been posting photos of her daily walk through an English town on her way to work. I thought I would share my daily at home walk. 

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