Cool beans!

Occasionally the stars align and cool things appear. This could be a post about the northern lights but it’s not although truthfully I had a hard time writing tonight as I kept going to watch the stellar display that abounded tonight. 

I was working on increasing my Twitter knowledge and came across a super interesting item for sale. I hope my link to the twitter story shows up but it doesn’t appear to actually be a link so I will have to try and fix that. It is a very early drawing done by Ron’s ancestor, George Cruikshank. Apparently quite rare. 

Here is a photo of the link — try as I might I couldn’t seem to post it here for you to follow. Turns out they have 3 different drawings available for auction. The lowest price is 179£ and the rare one is sitting at 975£ so a bit out of our price range. 

We know his family tree is traced back to this particlar George Cruikshank. There was another George Cruickshank of his time and so he took out the extra c in his name. He had quite the checkered past and the plaque in St. Paul’s Cathedral was put up by one of his wives. He had a dual family thing going on for several years apparently until one of the wives found out. There is also a rumour that he had an affair with Madame Tussaud. One of his drawings was turned into wall paper that can be seen in several rooms in the London Tussaud. 



This just fuels my desire to learn more about our ancestors. I know what next year’s wintertime project is going to be. In the meantime I’m going back to watching the northern lights. 


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