Sense what? 

Here is a question to ponder? Which of your five senses would you give up or trade to keep another one intact? 

Wikipedia has an indepth analysis of the five traditional senses and some non traditional components as well. It’s no secret that hearing, sight, taste and smell decrease as we age. I leant that the sense of taste is often confused with the “sense” of flavor, which is a combination of taste and smell perception. 

There are two of these capacities that have a wider more physical well being and a social aspect to them. The other three are more internal and not as obvious if they are diminished or absent. If your taste and smell go MIA no one but you will perhaps even notice. Touch is a bit harder to define as the reasons it could potentially decrease can be traumatic or it can present from neurological or endocrine disorders so it’s a hard one to quantify. Hearing loss affects many aspects of day to day living and loving. Losing it makes social interactions increasingly challenging and can change lifestyle over time. Blindness can have a very profound impact on personal activities of day to day living. I’ve always wondered that perhaps if one is born blind if the adaption is easier. 

But I don’t need the cold hard facts to know which one I cherish the most. My Nanna and my dad were both legally blind and my mother has lost a good deal of her sight. One sister had glaucoma and my brother has both kinds of macular degeneration. So I’ve watched people struggle with this affliction for most of my life. I appreciate my vision and will accept progressive lens and some vitreous floaters if that’s as bad as it gets. I hope that, with some good luck and careful maintanence, that my sight stays with me so that I can see the blue skies overhead and the beautiful objects on the earth.   



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