Cute as a Button

I am the youngest in my family and perhaps, according to my siblings, maybe a bit spoilt. I like to think it was because I lived up to my nickname. My dad said I was as cute as a button and so he called me Button for many years. I’ve long since outgrown that particular nickname and as it was only used by my dad it’s just an echo in my past.

I’ve heard of  Anne who is known as Dolly and Gertrude always seems to become someone else like Gus or Lolly! Wally who’s real name is Robert or Norman who is known as Brad. Not every given name is the alias you are known by and that can be very confusing to the rest of the world when your formal piece of paper contradicts you!

Over the years I have had many nicknames as have most people I am sure. I have a few odd ones and a few less than stellar ones. Apparently, or so they tell me, you only tease people that you really like. And if they really like you they tease you with funny names.

  • Bert or Ernie — my brother in law couldn’t decide if I was Bert or Ernie or a combination
  • Bern — which is really just a shortened version of my name
  • Bern bundle — a work item (spelt burn) but I believe applies to my energy level
  • Energizer bunny — my sisters call me this because I always clear the table before everyone finishes eating
  • Bernster — everybody is a ster it seems.
  • Yoda — refers to how old I am at work compared to everyone else
  • Bernmister — maybe it’s a new language that everyone speaks and I’m too old to understand
  • Bern Bern — the newest work version
  • Code Bernie — the less than stellar one, coined by one of my favourite surgeons. Well he used to be before this. I will probably have to explain this to the non medical readers. A Code Brown is an unpleasant situation and similar to what you imagine. As a nurse I clean up a few of these although on many occasions the surgeons help. One particular day the surgeon said it’s a Code Bernie — I’m quite sure that he meant to say a Code Brown but he said Code Bernie and yes it stuck. And no there are no pictures of this so don’t even ask.
  • Captain Bernie — because I am the “leader” of the pack so to speak and this is a respectful term for being old and bossy!
  • Bossy Bernie – penned by my oldest and dearest friend when we were young. It’s ok — I called her Chatty Cathy. And we are still best friends to this day.

This also became a bit of a throw back Thursday post with pictures of me when I was a cute as a button. It was hard to just stop at one when I had all these awesome ones to chose from. I’ve also had some photo issues but have managed to work through them. I had saved, edited, cropped and manipulated them only to upload them and have it all lost. So alas I am now working on this in what should be sleep time. Oh well, I’ll sleep when I’m old says Yoda!


2 thoughts on “Cute as a Button

  1. Georgina March 13, 2015 / 6:16 pm

    what about ‘mark’!! you forgot that one!!


    • bernielynne March 13, 2015 / 6:24 pm

      Ah yes but you don’t actually call me that. When you do I will know what it means!


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