Pretty in Pictures 

Recently a friend suggested to me that perhaps I have ADHD because I am always going from one project to the next. There is quite a bit of truth to the restless  aspect of me and I certainly do have loads of projects on the go.

We have slogged to a halt on the main floor bedroom frames and art as we can’t find the mat cutter.  We do have 5 of 15 on the wall so we are moving forward a tiny bit here.

The second floor bedroom requires the picture rail to be hung which is a weekend project. I wanted to feel like there was still progress so this morning I started some more framing projects hence the ADHD comment.

I had 4 frames picked out for the basement bedroom. I thought this would be a quick easy fix with the bonus that it is drywall and so hanging items is so much easier.

One required a quick coat of paint while the other 3 needed staining. The smallest one had been a cupboard door at one point so the hinges needed paint and a new/old handle needs to be sourced as the existing one was “wrong”.

This is not the final hanging spot but I couldn’t resist putting them on the wall tonight for the “reveal”. Ron bought these prints for me several years ago for Valentine’s Day so I’m excited to finally have them up and on display.

This is not really the wall colour but being too impatient to wait for daylight to post this means you get a greener version than the real Jameston Blue that is painted there.

This one is going to marry scrap booking with picture hanging. If I can’t cut a proper mat then I decided to jazz it up. We have 3 different scrap book sheets on “trial” but will wait for daylight to see which actually looks best. I’m loving this version!

It was a productive day off with sunshine, projects, fitness and a lovely visit with a friend this afternoon. Plus I have more to reveal tomorrow but need daylight for the photos and seems we finished stage 12 at 9:15 tonight it will have to wait.


One thought on “Pretty in Pictures 

  1. Georgina March 10, 2015 / 5:57 pm

    I am doing a reset in paper aisle tomorrow, maybe there will be something extraordinary there!!


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