Merry Go Round

The months march on by
schedule never eases up 
free time hard to find

Do you ever feel like you just can’t catch up? The balance of work, life, house, finances, fitness, creativity, family time and fun adventures doesn’t round out? Interestingly enough I found 3 haikus in last year’s compilations that speak to this. There are no pictures though unless I post one of a clean kitchen counter! 

 I get overwhelmed on occasion and perhaps it is all of my own making. If I was less of a perfectionist I could leave the dishes or I valued my fitness less I could skip a walk or a swim. But I want it all and so try to fit lots in. That doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy it or that I forget to smell the roses it just means I’m busy. I’m also constantly evaluating what I can and can not do. 

Odds and sods today 
Before I fall behind more 
Get it organized 

And as the years march on by time does seem to speed up or I go slower? But the seconds don’t change so why does time seem to vary in our lives?  Questions to which I have no answers but I also know it never looks as impossible in the morning after a good sleep. 

Deep profound concept 
Time is the only constant 
Racing through our lives

I suspect it all has a lot to do with my weekend schedule in the last month. I worked a weekend, had an awesome long weekend at home, was away two weekends in a row, worked this weekend and away now next weekend. It leaves me craving some at home quiet time so I guess I best make the most of my day off tomorrow. 


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