It did seem like a simple concept to print and hang some photos. That was a month ago and I am discouraged by how little progress we have made.

We have cleaned up many places looking for the cutter for the matting because buying a new one before exhausting all possibility is not an option for someone. It works well with a soft version of the de clutter 40 day challenge as I have tossed a few things as we have gone along looking.

I stopped and bought 3 more old gold frames and brought back 4 from my mother’s house. So the pile of frames grows but that’s about it at this point. Chaos before order?

We have picked up the two paintings and have temporarily hung my Nanna’s in the kitchen. My Aunt Marg painting is sitting in the bedroom ready to go on the wall as that room won’t have picture rail till I can find and redo more of it. Heavy sigh and sad face here.

It feels like spring is going to be here any day and this is definitely a winter project I wanted to get completed. So I guess I had better find that matt cutter soon!

Meanwhile Ron is making huge progress in the basement on the ceiling. Next week I hope to test patch some of the final paint options and finish priming the fussy cut panels.   Little tiny baby steps forward. Oh and cover plates for the basement switches! I know it seems small but it’s so finished looking instead of the rough box.

That’s some of the house updates for you 1918 Eaton’s Eager blog followers. For my equipoise life followers it’s all just another entry in my 365 day writing challenge.


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