Taking it back! 

It’s like this every year, that moment in time when you can feel the winter season start to slip away and spring inch closer. It all starts in the sky and has nothing to do with tempatures. We are taking back the day light into our eyes and our souls. It ramps up our spirits and gives us hope that the cold and snow will recede and that the green of spring isn’t far away. Hang on my friends, hang on. 

Still at six fifty 

A faint pink glow in the west 

The darkness ends soon

Dusk lingered onward 

sky painted that special blue

Spring is returning soon 


These are two evening haikus from last year with a photo to accompany them. The following two are morning haikus  but that picture is from a couple of winters ago.


The moon vanishes 

In the east sky colours glow

all before seven 

It’s seven twenty 

Basking in pre sunrise glow 

Winter’s receding



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