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Wall Flowers 

Occasionally I like to highlight my creative endeavours and today it seemed appropriate to feature the wall hanging that I gave to my mother. 

Several years ago I salvaged an old tablecloth from being tossed in the garbage. It had embroidery that my mother had done in the four corners,  probably in the 60’s. I felt it had intrinsic family heritage value. So I decided that the “cornucopia and flowers” could become something new. 

I created a background that seems like sky and land in a very multi coloured textural way. I then added the “sun” which is a doily purchased from a second hand store. I reworked some crazy doily thing into free standing flowers and added some grasses. The picket fence was granny squares which I tore apart.  I found some embroidery butterflies and pain stackingly appliquéd them onto the sky. 

The border material was a dress which I found in a drawer of a family dresser. There is some debate about whether it is my maternal grandmother’s or my aunt’s but either way it adds to the family collection aspect of it. The white “tatting” was also on the original table cloth and my mom suspects that she made it as well. I’m not 100% certain you would actually call that tatting either so if anyone wants to leave a comment with the correct technique word I’d love to hear from you. 

Along the way there were many design decisions to be made which is quite typical if you are creating from a vision and not a pattern. Occasionally though you end up with a design “opportunity” which in quilting really is a fancy word for oops and how are we going to fix that issue! My issue was a small cut to the black binding when I was trimming my edges. So I decided to carry the butterfly motif onward. I had no more embroidery ones but I had a coworker with a die cut machine who was willing to try and create some for me. Only one would have looked unbalanced so now there are several various sized butterflies flitting around. 

I learned a significant amount from making this wall hanging. It took me a significant amount of time to create it. The random aspect of the background really challenged me. The embroidery along the old butterflies and the new little flower buds alongside the original  flowers is obviously the work of a beginner! Overall though I am pleased with the tangible outcome of my vision. 


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