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Private duty nurse

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The title makes it sound like a Harlequin romance where the nurse has to take care of some tall dark stranger who doesn’t want her help. Rest assured that my writing skills and time commitment are not up to that kind of story.

This is actually a story about what’s to come in my life as I prepared to take my mom out of respite care and back to her home. She fell two weeks ago and has three compression fractures of her thoracic vertebrae so it has been a long haul for her.

I’m used to providing very hands on patient care but in an acute setting and very technological driven. What I’m going to provide in the next few days is much more basic nursing care. The focus will be on monitoring her blood sugars, giving her antibiotics and pain medication and checking her blood-pressure while encouraging fluids and activity. But I think the best helping healing hand I can give her is just allowing her to recuperate in her own home where the food will taste good and the air will smell fresh. She will be able to connect with family and friends via the visitor through the door, the phone calls and the internet. She will do her activities of daily living with assistance as necessary but with as much independence as is possible. Our hopes are that returning home will get her connected and functioning. The only part of her that seems younger than 88 right now is her mind as she is still as sharp as a tack.

We live 3 1/2 hours apart and while we see each other quite regularly it is never for very long as we come down here for a weekend or she comes up to Saskatoon for her usual whirlwind stay of 24 to 36 hours. Yes seriously she comes up for appointments and is gone again almost instantly. I believe part of the reason is that we both work full time and she finds our big old house in the country rather isolated and lonely. So I’m hopeful that while she is recuperating that we can spend some quiet time working on a family heritage project.

Today’s pictures were going to be brought to you by my road trip down. My reward to myself for driving the whole way without stopping is that I can slow right down and take photos of abandoned yards (as long as there is no traffic). Then I tried to upload them and somehow it wasn’t working on my iPhone which occasionally seems to happen. So now I have switched to my brother’s computers so I swiped a couple of photos from it. I am unsure who took these photos so can’t give credit where credit is due but they are right up my alley for “drive by shootings”.

Wish me luck as I go into day one of private duty nursing! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s update on how both the patient and the nurse did. Oh and the cook — I’m that too!

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