Trip of Pictures

There must be a serious amount of time lapse photography
on a design show. We are working on photos and frames for the main floor bedroom and it hasn’t been a 10 minute project like it appears on TV. They grab some photos, paint some frames and voila! Not so at our house!

The collection of frames has been building up for a while. The picture rail is up and we have wonderful hangers as I alluded to in a December post. So now it was time to find the right frames to make a collage together and marry them to the correct photo. It took a while to sort out which frame and was it vertical or horizontal. Always seemed like more questions than we answered.


Finding the right photo took a significant length of time at the computer going through files and files of trip photos. I narrowed it down to my favourites and then Ron picked his. Then we collaborated and picked the best one for the frame and the style we were going after. So one wall is building and more urban orientated and one wall is landscape type photos.


The uploading and getting the photos printed was easy as was the sprucing up of the frames. I love to paint and they just needed some TLC. I built up layers of colour and gave them a cohesive look despite the different eras and materials they are made of.


We now have all the photos for one wall ready to go. Some are already framed and some are awaiting the “arrival” of the matting. We appear to have misplaced the mat cutter and we aren’t having any luck locating it so may have to break down and buy a new one. We also spent considerable time trialling different colour mats behind prints and photos. To actually get a sense of that I should have done a side by side of two different looks.


We are so close to having our first wall done. It’s been a fun and fulfilling project. FYI — the heritage quilt that they are laying on in the photo is a modification of a pattern called “trip around the world” which is the theme of our photos as well.



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