Lights Camera Action

It is finally coming together although
it has taken a couple of winters to get there. We are making great progress on our basement project. It is part restoration and part new build so not your average project. Perhaps I could have used the title Persistence!

Readers of our regular blog may remember that we bought a half ton truck worth of old tin ceiling tiles at an antique store in Alberta. They spent about 1 1/2 years getting “dry iced” by a company that specializes in graffiti removal. We tried sand blasting, heat and paint stripper. The first wrecked them and the next two would have taken me about 12 months of weekends to do. So for some cash we sent them out and viola they were clean.

The I put on coloured primer as a base coat for the gold paint. Ron then began the tedious work of cutting or crimping each one down to size. They were all just a little smidgeon too big for the T-bar framing. Above that we put acoustic tiles for sound proofing. So with only a few edge trim pieces left Ron has now turned his attention to the electrical aspect of the project.

He had pre wired some of it but apparently it wasn’t much help. So he has now rewired it for the lights that we purchased. They won’t be able to go up until the final coat of paint is on but they will be ready. We still have two wall sconces that I haven’t sourced yet but those are easy enough to do from the furnace room in the future. He has cut the holes in the ceiling panels and upgraded the wiring in the lights.


Once he finishes those edge pieces it will be time to finalize how we are going to apply the gold paint. The original plan was to use a sprayer but recent experience with that power tool has helped us realize you can’t spray at angles as would be necessary. I believe we may go with a sponge rag type of application as we don’t want it to be super solid in colour. There will have to be some text patches done that is for certain.

We have already sourced window and door trim, a mantle and fireplace insert plus the flooring. We purchased the hand rail and Newell post from our favourite antique store two summers ago and so need to fit those. We are still lacking baseboards so if you happen to know of an old house going down please let us know so we can salvage some.



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