Colour Storm

The snow has let up a bit and the sky now has a pink tinge to it but the digging out still has to occur. Early this am I received a photo from a young friend who recently relocated to Seattle. It was a beautiful crocus amongst some grasses and trees. It was a reminder that although a blizzard rages here soon spring will arrive.

Claire, Bernie, look what I found today! Crocus Flowers!
Slightly different shape than a prairie crocus but still recognizable and lovely to look at.

Which means I really need to take the next step to finishing up the photos and frames I had posted about a few months ago. I cleaned out the closet, hung the picture rail and sorted out the frames. I took two paintings in to be framed that should be back shortly. I picked up painting and hanging supplies for my existing frames.

Bad photo (again!) but we were working on placement of frames. The designing shows never tell you how long it takes to figure out placement.

So today with the colours and textures of that crocus in my head I spent a few hours at the computer making a file of flower pictures for the upstairs “Nanna” bedroom and several files of travel photos for the “gramma” bedroom on the main floor. So once on the short list it is a matter of looking at colours, textures, sizes required as well as the important horizontal or vertical orientation. I thought I would share some of the best photos with you today. If you are in most of Canada reading this you need some colour in your life. If you are on the West coast of North America maybe not. England family and friends might like it for the blue skies that show in most of my work. Although certainly some of the photos my other hand gets credit for.

Enjoy. If you have a particular favourite that you think deserves a spot on the wall please leave me a comment.


And now, fresh from Victoria this am, some lovely tulips.


2 thoughts on “Colour Storm

  1. Jo-Anne Arnott February 18, 2015 / 10:59 am

    Gordon shared your link! I enjoyed reading about your house as it was reclaimed and am delighted to read about “new” projects. Where does your energy come from? Jo-Anne (B) from Ogema


    • bernielynne February 18, 2015 / 12:38 pm

      @ Jo-Anne — glad you stopped in and thanks so much for leaving a comment. That always makes my day!
      Energy — the more you do the more you can do? Plus I don’t watch much television and I never go to bed early enough. So I just squeeze lots into the non working hours of my day.
      I have more ideas in my head than I will ever translate into projects. I think the fact that I like to start and finish projects helps — not fond of loose ends incomplete.


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