Finish it Friday

Finish it Friday is in the
quilting world of blogging the big reveal day. That’s when these prolific quilters show another project that they finished.

Quilting for me is an occasional pastime and not something I can indulge in every day. Working 40+ hours a week gets in the way as does basics like exercise, cooking, cleaning and commuting times. Add in volunteer life and the odd bit of social activity and it can be a few days before I have created anything.

I also have a very low threshold for having a lot of projects on the go. I suspect it is because of my professional life where I start and finish one operation at a time. That and the fact that I like everything in its place. Loads of projects on the go means stuff everywhere and that just makes me feel rather off kilter.

So here is my Wednesday take on Finish it Friday. Today I finished hand stitching the binding on a fairly large table runner. This is a project for us and one that I struggled to get the colours meshing. It came as a gift in a kit but I did rework it significantly. It’s been on and off the work table a few times so I am pretty happy that it is now complete.


This other project was a fun little idea I had in November. I fell in love with the blue background material as it looks like sky on the sunniest of days. These were my thoughts as I laid under Palm trees and drank beer. It seemed like a natural and so I put it together in January. I am grateful that my friend Georgina let me use her fancy sewing machine for the free motion stitching. It was super creative to make it look like I imagined and a fast fun project. I am looking forward to gifting it to friends for their little welcome banner.


I have mostly been sharing thoughts, stories, haikus and photos which I call random ramblings. I originally started the blog so I would have somewhere to share my non house type activities like quilting, photos, wood projects and words. It’s taken me several months to post about quilting.

2 thoughts on “Finish it Friday

  1. Georgina February 11, 2015 / 3:57 pm

    Won’t she see this blog?


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