It certainly wasn’t my intention to keep you hanging in the air by the side of the road waiting for the shed to land! So here in photos is the end of the story. I was at work so missed the Sunday arrival but fortunately Ron did manage to take some photos. The weather was slightly warmer; coming in at -22 with a -28 wind chill with no sun.

Without the wind Peter had no problem hauling the shed up the gravel road to our house.
Snow cleared and ditch “filled” the shed was then maneuvered into position.
Almost far enough back and bobcats at the ready to lift it up while the trailer drives out.
Peter and his crew after the successful lowering of the shed. Then it was lunch time but the “cook” was at work so they had chips and coffee!
Area cleaned up and the bouncing baby shed is home! Now it JUST needs a new sill plate and we can lower it down. There are plans underway to reside it, move the man door and put in windows.
Feb 2015 066
The global view. It looks a little stark in white but the roof line certainly fits in well.

We put a good base down and have most of the remaining materials for securing the building. I suspect we might have to go looking for windows for the upstairs and the man door needs replacing. We have the siding but the question is do we reverse the colours?  It appears that we once again underestimated the cost of a project but the young surgeons at work will be happy as it keeps me from retiring too soon. In the long run the tractor will be happy and the garage will seem very spacious plus it keeps us out of trouble and building together.



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