I have spent many a Sunday evening in the last 8 years blogging about our house project on our original blog listed here:


For reasons which I am beginning to understand that blog is not available for new stories and photos. Which is too bad because we are still working on many aspects and I like to chronicle it so that we have a photographic and written record of our journey with this old house of ours.

So tonight’s “new” blog post is a house blog post which I hope someday to be able to transfer over to the above mentioned site but for now it’s here. Without further ado here is the story.

We have a tractor with a few implements plus numerous gardening tools that required a home to live in. Our tractor spends the winter in the garage which means only one vehicle can be sheltered from the prairie weather. Last spring on a back road trip to the city I discovered a building that I thought might work so we checked it out. We tracked down the current owner and received permission to move the building as long as it occurred before the spring of 2015. We jacked the building up one fine Sunday in late October with the help of Spencer and Lexi.

Then we stalled out looking for I-Beams for the move. I had no idea I would make that many phone calls and do some actual driving here and there to find beams. The irony here is that I walked by them five days a week for about a month before I had an aha moment. So having sourced that portion of the moving equipment we then needed the “lifting gear” and the trailer to haul it on.

Regular house blog readers will recall that we borrow our soccer buddy Peter’s trailer from time to time. Turns out he was the guy for the job as he had two bobcats with skilled drivers, a trailer and a bit of an adventuresome attitude about tackling the job with us.

Beams picked up and delivered to “job site”

Of course we have had virtually no snow all winter but it snowed all day Thursday and into Friday am. The wind howled and the temperature dropped but what the heck we proceeded. We couldnt’ really have picked a much worse day weather wise but once it is teed up you just go with it so it’s just many clothes and lots of coffee for the guys. So first up we had to do some snow removal with the bobcats before we could get them into place on either side to lift the building.

Here you can see that bobcat 1 is getting into position.

That was the plan. Lift the building from both sides with the bobcats and then slide the trailer under it. Put the beams in place, set down the building and pull away. Interestingly enough that part went exactly as planned and without too many hitches. There were no real scary moments getting it picked up as the operators were so smooth on the lifts up that it stayed horizontal.

Looking good at this point but not quite high enough.

It was a bit of a challenge getting the trailer to line up exactly as required but eventually it was in place. Then the tough part of manually moving the beams to the correct locations and lowering the building down. A few minor adjustments were required but soon it was ready to haul.

Starting to roll out of the farm site.
Starting to roll out of the farm site.

The farm site is now owned by the City of Saskatoon and the surrounding land is being prepped for development. So what was once a grid road is now a flat bit of ground covered in drifted snow and covered in ice melt from the previous warm weather. Hence the fact that we had to get it moved before spring. But obviously this “road” isn’t being used or cleared and so we had to stop the trip at two different point, unload the bobcat and clear the snow. Then we had to do the same thing with the concrete barriers that were by the road closed sign.

Directly in front of this truck  you can see the snow drifts. The building barely cleared the piles.

So now it’s on to the easy part which consisted of a gravel road, short stretch of highway and then the 5 kms of our gravel road. Only once again life isn’t always how you think it will be and sometimes the easy parts turn out to be hard. The extreme winds caused the truck hauling the building to have transmission problems. Once they cleared the highway the decision was made to stop and reassess the plan. Oh and to warm up. I zipped home to make soup and sandwiches as it had been a cold day.

Temporarily parked by the realtor’s for sale sign which seemed kind of ironic if someone had thought it was for sale and hooked up and drove away.

That ends the story for tonight as the for keyboard is not functioning properly despite new batteries. Which is one more irony for me as I always had some kind of issue with that blog. I hope you will all tune in tomorrow night to see if the building made it safely here in once piece.


One thought on “Uplifting

  1. Michelle harris February 8, 2015 / 10:49 pm

    glad you got it moved safe and sound, Ive been enjoying your photos on instagram, which are beautiful glimpses of Saskatchewan,


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