Felix Felicis

This magical lucky potion, supposedly found only in the Harry Potter world, seems to have been ingested by this muggle earlier today.


I spent half an hour negotiating a hotel contract and managed to work our way into the best cash scenario for our small gathering. Which means we get to have our class reunion in a really nice resort so lucky us.

I then proceeded to do some binding in the attic of our very large double sided table cloth. It’s been very challenging to work with for several reasons. Today I put the binding on it which in itself is not difficult. The part I typically muddle up is the mitred joining of these two edges and today I’m super pleased to report I did it right on the very first try. I usually have to call for some form of reinforcement for this and end up ripping it out two or three times or it’s too large. Today not so.


Now I was beginning to think it was a bit of an enchanted day when the sun actually came out and shone on me while I was upstairs. The binding sealed it. Today was the day to go light shopping and do the framing.

So off I went to the city and proceeded to procure previously difficult to source items. 3 lights which fit the bill quite well; two are matching which is amazing. I also found 2 rather expensive but perfect shades for our bedroom. This time when the moth is bugging me I promise myself to wait until it has left the vicinity of said expensive shade before I hit it with the swatter. I did not find the filial that we require for an old light we already owned but the antique dealer thinks he has one and so will look for me. Also managed to score the last light shade for that same light.


A little side bonus trip found a $100 big old trunk that will become a coffee table. That is a steal of a deal so I was still feeling the lucky potion. The same trip scored a cheap cheese box and one can never have to many cheese boxes can they?


Then I hit the big box mall to frame two paintings. One of these was done by my Nanna, I think some time in the 60’s but perhaps my mom would have a better idea. The other one was done by my Aunt Marg. There is a date and even who her instructor was for the class. My mom found it at the local second hand store and I claimed it. Michael’s has this amazing computer program that puts your picture inside a mat and frame so you can trial several options. The biggest bonus was the 80% off sale — seriously if they can reduce it by that much perhaps it is over priced but I’m not unhappy that it took me 2 years to get to this stage and hit the bonanza today. Sale ends at midnight so it really must have been the elixir.


A few groceries, a quick spin on the basement bike and a tasty supper before I headed back to the city for an evening out at an art exhibit with a good friend of mine.

As the first few gentle flakes of snow drifted downwards the potion dissipated away. And rather than a mischief managed I hit a blind spot. Which resulted in a side swipe on the “for sale” vehicle. The irony is that the young girl, whose side mirror is no longer attached to her car, was also trying to sell her vehicle. Unfortunately for both of us I doubt they are write offs but fortunately for all of us no one was injured.

This meant we missed the curator talk at the “Our Prairie in Fibre” show which was disappointing. On the plus side was the private showing we received as the building cleared out. The curator was a casual acquaintance from the quilt guild but our lives have woven around in a few different ways over the last few years and she is now a friend. She is extremely talented and enthusiastic about the prairie and loves a road trip to my place for inspiration. I have had her out to teach her a few times, indeed her very first class was here, and always enjoy the techniques and the interactions with her equally.


The show was amazing and inspiring. While it was all female artists it was not a feminist show but rather a showcase of our prairies in art form. It was very balanced out with many different art mediums. Some so far out of the box that they were in a suitcase – literally! It was all made with love for our landscape and a devotion to detail. There was no luck here but rather a psychic senergy of what can grow from your mind so really it was magic!


While I was writing this and adding photos I baked a basil infused chocolate creme brûlée for the first time ever. It appears to have set perfectly and smells divine. Perhaps Hermoine was correct when she said luck can only get you so far. You just believe and be brave and go forth.


2 thoughts on “Felix Felicis

  1. bernielynne February 10, 2015 / 8:25 pm

    I am pretty sure that $750 and paper work doesn’t really have a reason except to delay the sale of the vehicle. Really what good ever happened from a car accident? I’m just glad it was minor but I wish it had never happened. Instinct would have put me on Taylor — always follow instinct.


  2. Georgina February 6, 2015 / 8:51 am

    ah but everything happens for a reason!!e


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