Missing ….

I’m quite sure that most local people will think I’m a bit crazy after this post. I am missing
my two favourite elements of winter; sunshine and snow.


I know it’s cold and windy and it can be icy. It makes driving hard and dressing small children difficult. Try pushing a grocery cart across the parking lot full of snow or cleaning vehicle windows. None of that seems like fun I will agree. Most of all it can be long and that point I will concede.


But it can be absolutely spell binding in the imagery of it. Even on the coldest day I go for a walk and find a part of it to enjoy whether it is the blue light on the snow or the waves and banks that wind creates.

Fresh snow and sunshine
I love that combination
Highlight of today

Fresh dusting of snow
Sparkling with intense sunshine
Winter at its best

This year has been particularly dull and dark with a significant reduction in the amount of sun we normally have. We had a bit of snow but that melted in the January heat wave. The eastern sea board has been pummelled by snow storms and the fields here sit brown and barren. It doesn’t bode well for a good year from an environmental point of view either although loads of April showers can make up the deficit.

But me I prefer snow and lots of it. I’m all for the free gym work out of shovelling it and have always done my share or more of that. I love snow shoeing and skiing. Alas this year none of that has abounded though as we have a layer of ice covered by a skiff of snow.


I’m not to the CBC listener phone in rant about warmer weather being horrible stage but I so miss both of my S words so bring it on Mother Nature! Please.


One thought on “Missing ….

  1. Kim February 5, 2015 / 7:38 pm

    Me too!! Plus snuggling afterwards is so much nicer!


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