The Emerald Isle

Tonight’s post is brought to you by the colour Green. Unlike most of North America tonight I did not turn on the Super bowl nor did I watch the half time show with Katy Perry. Instead I went upstairs and spent some time working on a quilt project for our house. I’ve also put some time into organizing my upcoming class reunion and a power point presentation that I am doing for the local library about a trip to the Czech Republic.

So you might wonder then why the pictures and the title make it look like we took a pictorial essay through Ireland this evening’s post. I was going through photos as I mentioned above and something drew me into these luscious green pictures.

I spent a few hours this weekend going through photos on my IPhone as I had to do something so that I could actually do an update of the operating system to stop it from crashing. Which lead me to spending a lot of time looking at photos and sorting them into trips and categories. I did most of this while we were driving to various places on Saturday. It’s winter without much snow cover and that makes it dull. The green was like a magnet.

We arrived in Ireland with only our B and B booked and no other specific plans. We just woke up and drove where the sun shone, the beer was cold and the sheep were more plentiful than the people. The people were friendly but it seemed that there were more old abandoned kirks (churches) than people in a lot of the places we ended up. We made the required stop at the Guinness Factory, toured a whiskey distiller, did a couple of hikes up in the hills and toured castles, churches and graveyards. We yearned for more time. It is definitely on the list of places to return to as four days didn’t do it justice but rather just wet the appetite for more.

Enjoy our trip. Oh and the side story here is that I couldn’t quite place the nick name of Ireland (I thought it was “the fair isle) so asked a pure bread Irish Canadian girl who couldn’t remember! Fortunately her “mutt” husband (her words not mine) remembered the phrase I was looking for. Thanks Dennis!


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