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Traffic Jam

Apparently how you handle a traffic jam shows a lot about your character. I am fortunate enough to live in the country so three vehicles on a road at the same time is an oddity but I do spend time driving in the city . I feel like I have the best of both worlds and try to remember to appreciate all of that on an given day. 10942627_901354476573917_1326389778638053324_n

But sometimes we have a “traffic jam” in our life, those situations that you don’t have control of.  Now take that and work with it in all of your best and worst scenarios. On an given day your response to the irritant or crisis will be different based on a number of factors. Some times you will just idle along and enjoy the sunshine, the tunes on the radio and your own company. Other times you look for the nearest exit to get off that road and get moving as you are late, things are due and on the way you might even cut someone off trying to turn into your lane.


It’s easy when things go well and we get enough sleep, exercise, nutrition, sunshine, down time and are respected for our time, energy and opinions. But let’s face it that sometimes things don’t go that way as an parent can tell you that has had a two year old lose it in a store.  The factors align for a melt down or an eruption even in the best of us. It’s the picking up of the pieces after that and figuring out how to change our responses so we react and not just act. It’s also about forgiving ourselves and others so that we can move on and let go of. As someone said today “take a chill pill” and remember that tomorrow is another day.


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