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Creative mojo

I felt the need for some creative time tonight so I journeyed upstairs to the attic. The lighting was such that I couldn’t work on my big table cloth project. I did some cutting for a quilt but have reached a point where I have more decisions before I can cut more. Which leads me to wonder why I never quilt with a pattern and why I just free flow like that. But I digress with that thought. While I was up there I still wanted something fulfilling to do so I picked up my son’s Carrhart’s and proceeded to work a creative miracle.

January 2015 084
Mended with variegated thread (because I was too lazy to change colors!) I doubt my son will even notice.

I grew up on a farm and my mother mended jeans. My men and daughter  expect me to be able to mend all their apparel. Last week it was a zipper in a favourite pair of jeans for my number one son in law. Tonight it was the back pocket repair for my son. Somehow it’s strangely creative to repair something.

I was having a discussion about blogging with a friend tonight. It lead me to think about the random directions that this blog flows. When I decided to do this writing experiment I had a plan for daily reoccurring topics but somehow that hasn’t happened. I have just wrote what has flowed through my head and heart. Creative time can mean different things to the same person on a different day. Today it was mending and I rocked it!


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