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Vibrantly Alive

I would be quite surprised if this is my first
post about sunsets in 5 months of writing. I love sunset time all year round and it’s the one time of day that I might just halt and drink in the colours.

In January I’m always so happy when it starts to stretch out in the evening and I don’t have to walk in the dark. Today I had a spectacular walk and enjoyed the many colors of sunset. I walked 3 kms instead of my usual workday 1 km because I didn’t want to turn back.






I really do need to do categories and perhaps a spread sheet of all my posts. I’m into my fifth month of daily posts and I might forget if I’ve posted about a certain thought or item. Time to get organized. On my iPhone I can’t even see them all to refer back. I think perhaps with this new format it might be easier for viewers to look back though.

Does anyone have any comments or suggestions on the new look for the page? If so connect and let me know. I’d also be interested to know if most readers use an iPhone or a lap top or desk top to read it on so I can keep that in mind when designing format.


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