Time Management

One would think that on a Sunday with no work to get in the way that I could do my writing before 22:20 at night but apparently my time management skills today weren’t all that sharp! It isn’t that I slept the day away as I was up by 0800 to attend Ron’s early soccer tournament game. It isn’t that I frittered away the afternoon reading a book or surfing the net but rather that I did several bits of projects here and there. Plus I did had my usual long Sunday walk which seemed strangely more like March than January. It was warm, wet and windy so the dogs came back quite a mess. I am going to “blame” our small binge watching of two episodes of Downton Abbey for my apparent lack of time today.

At work I do a significant amount of time management and multi tasking. Now I understand that they now say multitasking is a No-No and that you are supposed to focus on only one item at a time. I’m pretty sure who ever decided that never watched an operating room nurse perform. It is imperative that we do several things at the same time and handle them all well as each case is full of interruptions and we can’t lose track of where we are going with any of the items we are dealing with.

So I carry those skills over to my home life and usually have several projects and items on the go at once. I prioritize which gets attention when and make progress here and there. Now the man of my dreams is not like that and does only focus on one thing at a time and actually quite dislikes being interrupted which I have learnt over the years.

In the meantime I must say that I quite enjoyed our evening of television and I quite understand why so many people have mentioned that this series has drawn them in. It is a fascinating look at life in England in the early 20’s century with such an incredible setting and the costumes are magnificent. Ron does wonder how it is that the sun always seems to shine there and that hasn’t been our experience with our trips to there although I found two pictures to share that do show bright skies and lovely old buildings.



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