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Inside the blog but not my head

I spent today learning about <php> (no don’t adjust your screens that is something!), CSS, loops, tags, categories, MMAP and Sublime. I was immersed in widgets, plug-ins and command keys. I learnt the difference between WordPress.Com and WordPress.Org or at least enough to know that I should stay with WordPress.Com. I was hoping to learn new skills and better understand blogging on Word Press but it would have been significantly more helpful if I had known that there was a difference. Basically the one I use allows me to use a side door to the dashboard where you input pictures, words and widgets under predetermined themes. The other version allows you to go in the back door and totally write the whole program so that the themes, widgets etc go exactly where you want them. It was significantly over my head and I was super lucky to sit by the table mentor who was fabulous to me. I’m sure he rolled his eyes in his head a few times but I did learn several important things. I am not sure how much I will retain and be able to implement over here in WordPress.Com. Once we reached the point of the Dashboard I actually made some strides and have been able to make a few changes on this site that I wanted to implement for a while with a few more planned.

The biggest change that you will see today is that I have added a FOLLOW ME button so if you would like notifications of my posts hit that button and it will link us up together. I also added a link to my Instragram account and added a Twitter account. I am still working on the header aspect of the main entrance but if you go to Pages you will see that I have updated that section and included a picture.

I now have a few tools with which to sort and organize the posts which will be a help with this blog. I have an idea of what is wrong with the 1918 Eaton’s Eager blog and what to do with it. I was surprised by how few people were there as bloggers and how many were there as a professional obligation so that they can create and or just manage blogs and websites.

Overall it was an interesting day and worth the time and money. I’m happy I sat where I did as I had excellent help and a view of the windows so I even managed to get in some sunshine. The minor headache disappeared when I went for a brisk windy but equilibrium restoring walk with the dogs after.


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