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It has a unique smell and feel all its own and it’s called tropical paradise. I write of Hawaii and it doesn’t matter which island you are lucky enough to spend time on as everywhere is lush, green, moist and surrounded by the ocean’s waves.

The ocean seems to be the perfect temperature for playing in but it does have its moods. There are beaches that have crazy waves and then those that are protected and have fabulous snorkeling and swimming. The sand is just right, kind of like the best porridge Goldilocks tried. The sun kisses you for many hours in the day although it does set quickly which can be very dramatic. The rain is warm and smells delicious.

There are no hidden crazy surprises traveling in Hawaii as they speak English, drive on the same side of the road and use a currency that is blandly printed but similar to our own. The roads are easy to navigate and the stores are a blend of familiar and touristy.

We are lucky enough to have spent a bit of time in Hawaii and it is always somewhere that one thinks about returning to despite how big the world is. The blues are so blue and the greens so green while the sand is so soft one just wants to return and experience it all over again. Alas, not this year but I took advantage of Throw Back Thursday to post a few pictures of our trip. These memories are fresh in my mind as I finally put together a scrapbook of photos, a mere two years after our last trip there. ENJOY!


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