Time is the only constant

Second Early Oct batch 036

When you are 6 summer vacation seems to last forever. At 15 that next big birthday takes what seems like forever. At 25 you have all these plans and plenty of time to accomplish them. After 50 it feels like the hands on the clock have hit supersonic speeds and that even a single day isn’t long enough. I believe that I have had these thoughts every year since I turned 40 and now having hit 56 one must accept that, for sure, our lives are at least half over. Longevity aside there is more behind us than ahead of us which is why it is so important to live each day fully and engage with those around us by a simple act of caring, sharing a laugh, going for drinks or picking up the pieces.

Slivers of each day

Fragments of a memory

Life flies in a glance

January always brings a fresh calendar and a chance to make plans and fill in spots. Ponder where to go on vacation and what how to find time to see all the family and friends you want to touch base with. Somewhere along that line you have to fit in work and all the basics which brings me back to what I work at finding — that elusive balance.

Deep profound concept

Time is the only constant

Racing through our lives


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