Acts of Caring


Today I needed a friendly ear and I found them. I had a friend who needed a shoulder and I was there. I touched a patient’s arm to reassure them and it helped as it always does.

We can get too caught up in daily living to remember how important it is to touch base — really touch base — with a friend or family. If you aren’t following me with that statement I will explain — instead of asking and receiving a superficial answer (how are you — good) ask a deep question and listen to the answer. Really listen and sometimes that’s all. Perhaps more is needed but be guided by your heart and your head to help. Reach out to touch those around you.

I know how blessed I am and what a wonderful circle of family and friends I have. I strive to pay this forward and support many friends and causes. Because giving from your heart pays you back ten fold.

I had thought of starting the post with a saying from Red Green but perhaps I will end it that way. We watched his show regularly and he always ended it by saying “keep your stick on the ice — we’re all in this together”.


One thought on “Acts of Caring

  1. Janice January 20, 2015 / 10:08 pm

    Dunn …….. to perfection!

    Hugs always!


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