Sliding Doors

Sometimes at the end of a chapter
you really wish you could rewrite a few sentences. Something in the storyline didn’t play out the way you wish it had. But authors wouldn’t take kindly if we asked them to do that and real life is even less forgiving.

I watched a movie many years ago called Sliding Doors. The premise was that the main character (played by a young Gwyneth Paltrow) made the Tube in one scene and missed it in the other. So her two lives ran parallel in the storyline with radically different outcomes.

It empathized how a single second can change the path of your life. How words and actions tumble over each other in consequences. About how there are no do overs and rarely second chances.

Our choices, indeed even our grandparents choices, influence where we are going. We can look back reflectively and learn and grow. That allows us to move forward more confident in ourselves with better knowledge of how to handle the next situation. Or we can react and panic and run amok. There are usually many choices in any given situation but rest assured each one of them has a direct impact on the next one.

As you can see I have been a bit more reflective today and less socially active. I had a great walk with the dogs to help provide the balance that I needed plus a chat with my daughter.

I strongly suspect that tomorrow’s post will be about friendships.


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